Employment Opportunities

Every business needs great staff to succeed and Lone Star is in need of some great staff. 

Here are some of the things that we are looking for in future employees.

  • Self-motivated.
  • Passionate about working with kids.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Dependable.
  • Responsible.
  • Able to communicate effectively.
  • Timely.
  • Fun!
  • Exciting!

More details about the program below.

Teaching Kids gymnastics involves taking a group of 6-10 students for 45-60 minutes and rotating through three to four events.  To most people this sounds like a crazy job to have and they are correct.  However, you get to make an impact on each and every child that you interact with.  

Additionally, you won’t have extremely late shifts in the evening or really early shifts in the morning which will allow you to continue your schooling or at the very least make sure that you are able to get a decent amount of sleep.  We are relatively flexible with scheduling but we do ask that you remain consistent and dependable so that the students have the same teacher every week.  Please understand that we cannot teach school age kids during school hours so you will need to work in the evening or in the mornings with our preschool program.

Pay is hourly and is based on experience in addition to the amount that you are able to work.  No experience is necessary as long as you are able to listen and do the work to learn how to be a great instructor.  We are currently looking for people who want to do this over the long term but we do have positions available for students. 

Applications are done in person inside of our front office and more often than not we can interview you on the spot so be prepared for it!  We are not taking applications over the phone or via e-mail at this time unless you have competitive gymnastics coaching experience.