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Men's Team Parent Updates (Updated 3/27/2017)

 Posted 3/27/2017
Here is a couple of things for you to know.
First off, the level 6-10's will only be training Mon-Wed this week since the Coaches will be traveling on Thursday afternoon. Additionally there will be no training on Monday & Tuesday for levels 6-10 (April 3rd/4th) so that athletes can make sure their school work is caught up and coaches/parents/athletes can recover from the long weekend. Level 6's/Soon to be 7's are welcome to come into workout on Wed. Traditionally we give the athletes the week after Regionals off but we are trying to wait until we see what the coaches have planned for their vacation time this summer. ***Tristan Lewis may get Froggy and want the 6s to train on Tuesday***
Second, the level 4/5 North State Schedule is out and is linked to this post. Please make sure to check this schedule and make plans accordingly.
Posted 3/6/2017
Please see the spring break schedule and let us know if there is any school conflicts.  We want everyone to have a great spring break but with half of the teams State meet on the same week we need to continue training.  Hopefully this schedule allows everyone to get a break from school and get some energy for the Championship season which has arrived.
Posted 2/6/2017
Alright, We have two meet weekends back to back. It is time to set goals for the next two meets.
The Goal for the next two weekends is to show more consistency and lock down last minute bonuses.
Early in the season we are still working on general gymnastics progressions and strength training. At this point in our season we are looking 100% at scores and how to increase them. We will continue to OR begin to remove bonuses that do not add to our event scores or are not consistent enough to give us an edge. This is where we need 100% support from parents since some decisions may not go well with the athletes.
One of the big things that we need to work on with our older athletes is learning to travel as athletes. Lubbock will be a great training meet for those athletes who can qualify to Regional Championships. This will also allow us to support our girls program who will be competing at the same meet at the same time.
It is important to note that we are heading into the late stages of the season and this is where it becomes difficult to balance the school and gym work loads. Please have your athlete communicate with up openly about any school needs and to talk to us about possible solutions that minimize absences.
The health of the athletes at this point can be very tricky to maintain. We do a lot of preventative maintenance on wrists, ankles, shoulders, and knees but the thing that makes the biggest difference is having excited and motivated athletes. Hands will begin or are already showing rips and calluses. It is important that you help your son keep those calluses down with a pumis stone or ped egg. When the calluses get too big it causes friction on the bar and causes a "Rip".
I am extremely proud of the improvement that each athlete has shown this season. It is important to look at the personal growth of an individual throughout the year and communicate that to your sons. In the end the lessons learned from this sport will live on and the Gymnastics will have been just a tool and a stepping stone for their future as a productive human being.
Thank you so much for all your love and support! You are all amazing parents with amazing families! I hope that everyone is having a better start to their week than I have (My dog has been in the hospital 3 times already) and is excited for the competitions coming up!
Posted 1/12/2017
As a reminder to everyone, the RD761 Invitational in Katy, TX is next weekend. Information on this meet can be found at
All athletes will continue to train a normal schedule with the exception of the level 7+ athletes. The Level 7+ athletes will train Mon-Wed and will be off Thursday and Friday for travel and competition.
Level 7+ athletes who need to miss school on Friday and need a note for their school need to let us know by Monday so that we can get you a note by the end of training on Tuesday.
Please make sure your athlete is at training since our policies require athletes to be present at all practices on meet weeks in order to participate in the competition.


Posted 1/5/2017

I just received a new JO Program Update. It will have a few last minute changes to some routines. Expect to hear some things from the boys over the next few days as we review and start making changes. Make sure athletes are at practices since we don't have much time to make the changes.

This is very rare that they do an update with a major change/clarification at this point in the season. I don't know too much since I was just able to skim over it.


Posted 12/16/2016


I just wanted to let everyone that we are adding a clarification to the team packet. Occasionally we find something that we need to add or clarify and we like to make sure that everyone is in the loop.

"Tuition Payment Requirement (Added December 2016. Enacted well before.)

All athletes participating in the Team program are required to have a card on file for the purpose of tuition OR be 30 days ahead on their Tuition. Tuition for the Team program is billed monthly while Tuition for our class program is bill in 4 week sessions.

Families can get behind on tuition very quickly and in order to help protect you and Lone Star as a business the owners have implemented this as a requirements to be a member of the team Program. All Credit Card information is encrypted in the computer and is inaccessible by any anyone."

Thanks everyone! I know that for most of you this isn't new to you. Don't forget that we are on a modified schedule for two weeks starting Monday.

Enjoy the Holidays!


Posted On 12/14/2016

Team Holiday Party

The annual team holiday party will be held here at the gym on Wednesday December 21 from 5- 7:30pm.

All athletes are asked to bring one wrapped small brain teaser game or puzzle for a team-wide gift exchange.  If your athlete doesn't bring one, they will be unable to participate in the exchange.

In addition, each training group is asked to bring food per the following list:

*Optional Boys & Girls - Drinks (NO SODA)

*Compulsory Boys & Girls - Holiday Cookies

*Xcel Bronze & Silver - Chips

*Xcel Gold & Platinum - Fruit/Veggies

Make sure all participating athletes (no siblings, please) are dressed in active wear as we will be playing games!!!

We hope to see you there!!!

Coach Alex & Coach Leah


Posted 12/8/2016

December 19-21-

Levels 6+ 4:00 - 7:30pm
Levels 4/5 5:00 - 7:30pm

December 27-29-

Levels 6+ 9:00am - Noon
Levels 4/5 9:00am- Noon

January 2nd- Resume Normal Schedule

Posted 12/8/2016


I have posted the 2017 RD761 Invitational Information on our website.  Please make sure to take a look so that you can set up your travel plans.



Posted 11/28/2016

Meet sign up sheets are up!! Please remember to sign up to help run our first meet of the year! Also, there are a lot of sick coaches, athletes, parents, and people out there so don't forget to wash your hands and get plenty of rest.
Super excited to see the athletes compete this weekend!!

Posted 11/17/2016


As we approach Meet season I want to revamp how we are doing some of our communications between the parents and the coaching staff.  We originally started with notes home to the parents and found that notes were not reaching their final destination or parents were not bothering to read them.  Then we went to e-mail and found that trying to get  people to check/read their e-mails seemed to be impossible. Finally we went to Facebook where we have had a lot of success because we can actually see who has looked at each individual post and we can see feedback from all of the parents.  With this last group of move ups we have found that a several parents are not Facebookers and have not been getting some of the basic information that has been posted. So, In an attempt to make sure that everyone has access to the information, I am going to begin posting the same messages from Facebook onto this web page. 


Meet season has arrived!! While this is an exciting time for a lot of athletes it can be a stressful one.  It always seems like the schools try and kill the athletes with home work around this time making the athletes tired and slightly lethargic.


Please take a minute to go over all of the parent packet information that covers Meet protocol so that there is no confusion about what needs to happen at the meet site.  It is also important to realize that we are hosting the first meet of the year so while you have access to the floor to help us run the event you do not have access to judges or athletes during the competition.  Here is a copy of that section to make it easier for you to reference.

Competition Protocol


  • Please enter the competition arena in your competitive uniform with your Team warm-up on. Once you have arrived at the competition site please have him contact his coach once the previous session has finished.  Please don’t interrupt the athletes that are currently competing.
  • Please be sure your gym bag is prepared the night before the competition. Make sure you have your grips in your bag, your pants and shorts, and an EXTRA pair of socks.
  • You may bring a bottle of water with you to the competition and keep a healthy snack with your parents. Please no refined sugar at all! The bottle of water goes with you and the snack stays with your parents! Never store a bottled drink or fluid in your bag!
  • During the competition you must remain inside the competition area (usually roped off). If you need to use the restroom, please ask your coach. You may not visit or talk to your parents during warm-ups or the competition.
  • Please sit together and still during the awards ceremony, and stay until all gymnasts in your session have received awards. You must be in uniform to receive awards. Don’t forget you’re representing Lone Star Gymnastics. Wait until your coach has dismissed you before you leave the competition or awards ceremony.
  • No Electronics are to be with you. Leave them with your parents. We will take up any devices and e-bay them in order to afford our personal vacations. Please feel free to bid on the item.



  • Please have your son at the competition no later than 15-20 minutes before the designated start time. This may be earlier at the coaches’ discretion.
  • Do not coach your gymnast from the stands. After all, that is what you pay your professional coaches for.
  • Please sit together and cheer loudly (but respectfully) for all Lone Star gymnasts.
  • Judges, meet directors, coaches, and gymnasts should never be approached at any time during warm-ups or competition. Please stay outside of any roped off areas. If you have any questions, please ask one of the coaches.
  • Parents are not allowed on the competition floor at any time (USA Gymnastics rule). If there is an emergency we will come and get you.


**Missing any practice or portion of practice in the week before a meet will result in being scratched from the meet. No money (meet fee or coaches fees) will be refunded for scratching.


It is important for everyone to realize that different meets have different goals.  The Lone Star Invitational and the Liukin Invitational are both preseason meets and with the new routines this year our goal are to see what the competition feels like and to get feedback from the judges.  As Parents it is your job to support your athlete and encourage him to do his best and that is it.  Coaches are the only people who should be putting pressure on the athletes.  When we feel that your son needs to push harder we will be the ones doing the pushing... NOT YOU!  The Coaches and Only the Coaches understand the ins and outs of the sport and what your son has been doing in the gym.  You are there to support your son and his team mates!


Meet Schedules are released a week or two before the meet.  We will not know what day your son competes until the schedule is released.  Please do not contact the host gym for information since the office staff usually has instructions to not give information out to a parent.  You can go online and check the host gyms website, check, or check and see if they have a schedule out.  As soon as we receive a final schedule we will post it on our website and we will usually have Jose let everyone know that it is available.


If you have not read and turned in a copy of the "I understand" section of the parent packet I want to encourage you to do so.  This makes sure that everyone is on the same page. 


Last thing!! We are hosting the first meet of the year. The meet is going to be three sessions long and we are asking that everyone help out with hosting the competition.  We do not want you to work the session that your son is competing in so please don't sign up for that session.  The sign ups should be out tomorrow and will be posted a the front of the gym.  Slots are first come first served so please sign us as soon as we let you know it is posted. 


Thanks everyone!

Brian M. Smith