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Team Rules/Policies (Updated 12/16/2016)


Thank you for considering the invitation for your son to join our team program. This parent packet is to disclose all of the expectations that we have for the families involved in our program. It may seem intense at times but we want to be upfront and direct with you early on in order to prevent the “I didn’t know that” problem.

One of the things that we, as a coaching staff, need to know upfront is whether or not you, the parent, is committed to holding your family to the same rules and policies that every team member is being held to. We have a great group of parents who are all committed to helping make sure their son is successful in the gym and outside of the gym and we do not want to corrupt that in any way.

This is a sport and we will have to discipline your son, and push him outside of his comfort area. He will get in trouble, have to do things that are uncomfortable, and stand in the face of adversity. It is through this challenge that he will grow into a great young man and come to enjoy this fantastic sport.

Thanks again for your support and desire to help build your son into a fantastic athlete and more importantly an amazing young man.   Please take the time to read the packet and sign all the forms. I know its seven pages long but it is filled with everything that we expect from you and your son.

Please feel free to talk to your sons coach or e-mail me with questions.

God Bless you all!

Brian M. Smith

Lone Star Gymnastics

Men’s Head Coach


Lone Star Gymnastics

Team Expectations 2016-2017


It is a privilege to be a member of the Lone Star Gymnastics Team. To ensure you get as much information as possible on our programs, please initial each line.


_____              I understand this is a one-year commitment. Athletes have ups and downs and we encourage them to complete the season before choosing to do something else.


_____              I understand that membership at any level in this program is not guaranteed, nor is there a guarantee of advancing through levels. Athletes will be promoted to the next level when they have mastered the skills required. Not all athletes learn at the same rate.


_____              I understand my tuition buys a program and its benefits, not a specific number of lessons. We cannot alter tuition due to family vacations, time off, or injury (injured athletes take more planning and one on one attention than healthy ones).


_____              I understand that by being a member of the Lone Star Gymnastics team I am required to participate in all Lone Star Team activities.(this includes hosted competitions, fund raisers, team banquet, Christmas party and other team activities)


_____              I understand when Lone Star Gymnastics hosts a competition my child and one adult family member are required to work. If this cannot be done my child cannot be a member of the team. If I am not available, I can have someone else work for me (another team parent, college student etc…) but it is my responsibility to find the replacement.


_____              I understand that my athlete will not be able to compete unless all monetary obligations are fulfilled to Lone Star Gymnastics for tuition and competition expenses.


_____              I understand my athlete must be a registered athlete of USA Gymnastics in order to compete.


_____              I understand my athlete may not be allowed to compete if they have missed a training day the week of a competition.


_____              I understand my athlete will be required to turn in his/her report card after every grading period and maintain an A/B average. A grade of C or below will require that the coaching staff change the athlete’s training schedule until a grade of B is attained.


_____              I understand all athletes are required to attend every competition the coaching staff has entered him/her into.


_____              I understand all Level 5 and above boys and girls will be entered in an out of State meet. This is the training ground for them to learn to travel and compete for when they will go to Regionals, Westerns and Nationals as they progress in experience.


_____              I understand it is the parent’s responsibility to get their athlete to every competition 15 minutes prior to stretch. Tardy athletes can be removed from competition.


_____              I understand that if my athlete is injured, they will continue training in a modified manner. An injured athlete must have a written statement from his/her physician to resume full time or full load training.


_____              I understand my athlete must call in person (not the parent) to notify the coaches that he/she will be absent.


_____              I understand competition fees include: entry fee, coaches per diem, coaches’ session fees and all coaches travel expenses. The coaches’ fees are divided equally among the athletes participating in the competition.


_____              I understand that all competition schedules and information will available on as soon as the coaching staff receives it. This information on the Men’s side is often posted on or on the competition calendar page. No parent may call the host gym for information.


_____              I understand that once my athlete steps out onto the competition floor he/she is the responsibility of the coaching staff. The athletes may not leave the competition floor until the competition is over and have been released by the coaching staff. Un-sportsman like conduct will not be tolerated from either the child or the parents and could result in the athlete being removed from the Competition or the Team.


_____              I understand that my athlete must attend at least 90% of training or he/she will be ineligible to compete and that this is for the safety of my athlete.



By initialing the above statements I agree to the terms of being a Lone Star Gymnastics Team member and parent.



Athlete Name: _______________________________________________



Signature: ____________________________________________ Date: _________________


If for any reason you cannot agree with these terms please inform the coaching staff so that we may find another appropriate spot in our program for your child.

Team Rules and Expectations


  • “Train hard or go home.” All team members are expected to attend EVERY practice with energy, enthusiasm, and the desire to learn. If they are unwilling to train they will be asked to leave practice for the day. Repeated “poor training” can result in dismissal.


  • Team members are expected to uphold the highest level of respect for their coaches, fellow athletes, training plans, and the sport at all times. Disrespect in any form will not be tolerated, and will result in disciplinary actions taken by the coaches.


  • DRESS/APPEARANCE CODE (Effective July 1, 2013)


All gymnasts must wear Dark shorts that do not touch the top of the knee, a tight fitting shirt, OR competition attire. All athletes must have socks, sweat pants, wrist bands, and running shoes with them at every work out. No jewelry is allowed.


Hair must be kept short Sideburns may not extend past the earlobe. Facial hair is not allowed. Body piercings of any kind are prohibited on the grounds and tattoos must be covered and hidden from sight.


  • Injured athletes are still expected to participate to the best of their ability. It is often possible to work around injuries and turn it into a positive situation by working on areas of weakness such as flexibility and strength. There is no reduction of tuition unless the injury takes you completely out of the gym for over a month.


  • All workouts are considered mandatory and we must be notified prior to their training time if your son will be absent. Gymnasts must be picked up on time. Parents, after you get off work you want to go home and spend time with your family… So do we! After your athlete has missed more than 10% of workout he is no longer eligible for competition.


Medical Releases (Added June 2015)


Lone Star Gymnastics reserves to right to ask for a medical release for our athletes for ANY reason. If an athlete shows up with a brace on any part of their body we will immediately request a written doctor’s note and cease all activity with the body part. A note from a parent is NOT enough to release an athlete back to full duty. Please have the doctor list what the athlete can and cannot do. If we get a note saying “No physical activity for six weeks” then we cannot allow the athlete to do any physical activity for six weeks. A note that says “No running or punching” or “No Hanging” is something that enables us the freedom to continue to train. It may be extreme but it keeps our athletes and our Coaches safe.


Cancelled Workouts

Our goal is to provide every scheduled workout throughout the year. Inevitably, though, over the course of a year there will be practice cancellations due to conflict. We do our best to keep these to a minimum, but please expect them. Tuition does not change with these cancellations.

Withdrawal Policy


Written 30-day notification to the front desk and the Head Coach is required to remove a child’s name from the Team Roster. Clients are responsible for all fees accrued until written notification has been received. Clients will be responsible for payment through the month in which they drop.


Parent Protocol and Communication


We at Lone Star focus on the positive philosophy of Team and Teamwork and invite you to do the same. We expect the parents to support not just their son, but all of the athletes on the Lone Star Team.

  • Parents can watch their gymnast from a chair in the lobby, but we ask that this be kept to a minimum. Seating is limited and we at Lone Star would like to leave seating available for recreational parents. Most recreational students only come once a week and we would like for their parents to be able to view their time in class. Parents are not allowed in the gym at any time unless they are asked.
  • Please do not coach your child. This is the Coach’s job and with the sport of gymnastics being so complex, any additional or contradictory information to your son can present a significant safety issue.
  • Refrain from comparing your child to another child on the team. It is best to compare your son’s performance or progress to his own goals.
  • If you are having problems with the program, a coach, or a team policy, please speak to the Team Manager or Head Coach in private, not with the other parents in the lobby. Expressing your concerns or complaint to others detracts from the positive environment and spirit of our gym, and does nothing to resolve your concerns. If a parent chooses not to comply with this request then they will be asked to leave the team immediately.
  • If you have any questions or need to speak with a coach please do so by email or scheduling a meeting, NOT ON THE GYM FLOOR. We cannot speak to you while coaching—it is distracting, presents a safety issue, and breaks the continuity of the training session.
  • Please drop you child off and pick your child up in a timely manner. If you choose to drop your child off please do so no more than 15 minutes early unless you stay to watch your child. We are not responsible for your child outside of training or competition times. This is not a Daycare.


These guidelines are in place to create a positive experience for both you and your child, and may be elaborated on as needed.


Training Schedule (Added During the 2015-16 season)

The Training Schedules are made by the program managers and are non-negotiable. Athletes who are unable to participate in their scheduled training times will be ineligible for the team program. Any additional time outside of scheduled training hours will be counted and charged as a private. There is no direct exchange of hours between additional training time and regular training time missed.

We reserve the right to change the training schedule at any time and with little notice.

Competition Protocol


  • Please enter the competition arena in your competitive uniform with your Team warm-up on. Once you have arrived at the competition site please have him contact his coach once the previous session has finished.       Please don’t interrupt the athletes that are currently competing.
  • Please be sure your gym bag is prepared the night before the competition. Make sure you have your grips in your bag, your pants and shorts, and an EXTRA pair of socks.
  • You may bring a bottle of water with you to the competition and keep a healthy snack with your parents. Please no refined sugar at all! The bottle of water goes with you and the snack stays with your parents! Never store a bottled drink or fluid in your bag!
  • During the competition you must remain inside the competition area (usually roped off). If you need to use the restroom, please ask your coach. You may not visit or talk to your parents during warm-ups or the competition.
  • Please sit together and still during the awards ceremony, and stay until all gymnasts in your session have received awards. You must be in uniform to receive awards. Don’t forget you’re representing Lone Star Gymnastics. Wait until your coach has dismissed you before you leave the competition or awards ceremony.
  • No Electronics are to be with you. Leave them with your parents. We will take up any devices and e-bay them in order to afford our personal vacations. Please feel free to bid on the item.



  • Please have your son at the competition no later than 15-20 minutes before the designated start time. This may be earlier at the coaches’ discretion.
  • Do not coach your gymnast from the stands. After all, that is what you pay your professional coaches for.
  • Please sit together and cheer loudly (but respectfully) for all Lone Star gymnasts.
  • Judges, meet directors, coaches, and gymnasts should never be approached at any time during warm-ups or competition. Please stay outside of any roped off areas. If you have any questions, please ask one of the coaches.
  • Parents are not allowed on the competition floor at any time (USA Gymnastics rule). If there is an emergency we will come and get you.


**Missing any practice or portion of practice in the week before a meet will result in being scratched from the meet. No money (meet fee or coaches fees) will be refunded for scratching.

Tuition Payment Requirement (Added December 2016. Enacted well before.)

All athletes participating in the Team program are required to have a card on file for the purpose of tuition OR be 30 days ahead on their Tuition. Tuition for the Team program is billed monthly while Tuition for our class program is bill in 4 week sessions.

Families can get behind on tuition very quickly and in order to help protect you and Lone Star as a business the owners have implemented this as requirement to be a member of the team Program. All Credit Card information is encrypted in the computer and is inaccessible by any anyone.

2016-17 Lone Star Gymnastics Men’s Team

Parent and Athlete Agreement

Please turn these in to the Front Desk Staff at the gym.

Should you choose not to accept this invitation to join the competitive team program please understand that your son will still receive outstanding instruction in a regular gymnastics class.


2016-17 Parent Contract

I/we, parent(s) of _________________________________, have read and understand the mission statements, rules, and policies regarding membership in the competitive programs at Lone Star Gymnastics. I/we agree to follow all the terms outlined in this packet and commit to a one year membership (June 1-April 30) in the Competitive Team Program. We understand that membership is offered by invitation and at the discretion of the Coaching Staff and may be terminated at any time for failure to comply with the terms and rules outlined in this packet.


____________________________________________ (Parent or Guardian) Date ____/____/_____


____________________________________________ (Parent or Guardian) Date ___/_____/_____


2016-17 Athlete Contract


I/we, parent(s) of _________________________________, have read and understand the mission statements, rules, and policies regarding membership in the competitive programs at Lone Star Gymnastics. I/we agree to follow all the terms outlined in this packet and commit to a one year membership (June 1-April 30) in the Competitive Team Program. We understand that membership is offered by invitation and at the discretion of the Coaching Staff and may be terminated at any time for failure to comply with the terms and rules outlined in this packet.


_______________________________________________________ (Athlete) Date ___/____/_______